- As much heat as possible for the first 24 hours even after paste is removed. Hair dryers work well, steam works best but please use utmost caution when steaming. Steam can cause serious burns if you're not careful.

*Even when the henna paste is removed, exposure to regular heat will help it to darken.

*Henna is rarely dark on the upper arm or shin. Darkest colors will be on the toes, fingers and palm.

- Do not wash with water. No water contact for 24 hours if possible (48 hours is even better) Pick or scrape paste off after 8 hours. If paste falls off earlier, don't panic. It's done it's job. Just don't help it along by picking.

*Leave paste on for a minimum of 4 hours. Overnight makes for the best results.

-Design will progress from orange tones to burgundy's or browns depending on the person in about 48 hours. Color may continue to deepen even longer on some individuals.

- No exfoliants (chlorine, most hand lotions) No pools or hot tubs. No anitoxodents such as found in many face lotions and hand lotions.

-To slow design from fading, protect during water contact by using natural oils, such as olive or corn. A latex glove with an elastic band at the wrist is helpful to protect hand mehndi when showering. Some wax based balms are also helpful to make water bead away from the design. No wax balms with exfoliating properties or anti-oxidants should be used.

*When tanning, please keep in mind that areas recently hennaed are 'sun screened' and will not tan. A 'ghosting' effect may occur where un-hennaed skin will tan and the pattern will not.
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